Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Excerpt from The Mockingbird's Call

Here's an exerpt from this week's feature title, The Mockingbird's Call
Benjamin put her hand on his arm and pulled her away.
“I have a very special friend I’d like you to meet, cousin.” He pulled her toward Jared. “Jared Stuart, please meet my cousin, Amelia Montgomery.”
“It’s you.” Her eyes, so deep, so mysterious, shone in the light of the candles. “I never got to say goodbye.”
“You two know each other?” Benjamin’s shocked gaze met Jared’s sheepish one. “Have you been keeping secrets from me?”“We rode the train together, but we were never properly introduced.” Jared raised his spectacles to the bridge of his nose. “Luke Talbot made sure of that.”

Question of the day: Spring is gradually making its presence known here in Minnesota and people are emerging from their houses like newly-awakened hibernating animals. My husband and I have resumed our evening walks together. How about you? Are you getting out more, seeing more neighbors, maybe doing a little exercising now that spring is here?

Join us tomorrow for a guest blog from Diane Ashley and Aaron McCarver.


  1. Isn't it nice going out wearing a sweatshirt instead of a winter coat? I love Spring!

  2. It is sooo nice, though I should've worn a jacket for last night's walk. The breeze and the setting sun left me with frozen fingers!

  3. My husband and I have been walking outside verses using the exercise equipment in the basement. It's a much better view!

  4. Aaron McCarverMarch 23, 2010

    Well, in MS the temp is hovering around the mid to upper 70s in the day. I have to say as you are ready for spring I am ready for summer. Spring brings so many sinus problems for me when the temp changes so abruptly from day to day, as in from 30 to 70 possibly from one day to the next, that I am ready for the steady temps of summer, be they very warm.

  5. Diane AshleyMarch 24, 2010

    Yesterday (and hopefully today) was a perfect day for putting down the top to my convertible and cruising around town.

  6. I'm sitting outside more. But we're still having more cold weather than warm.


  7. I'm chiming in a little late, but we had a big snowstorm in Denver on March 23rd. My husband and I flew home that evening from Philadelphia and our plane landed well, but then got stuck in the snow about 50 feet from the gate! Today, the 25th, has been much warmer and the snow is melting. Denver's temps certainly go up and down.