Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Excerpt from Special Mission

Today we enjoy an excerpt from Debby Mayne's Special Mission

Key Verse: This is the confidence we have in approaching God: That if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:15

“Maybe she just has cold feet.” David offered a sympathetic grin. “I bet she comes around, and you’ll be off on your honeymoon in a day or two.”
“We’ll see.” Brian stepped away from them and waved. “I’d better go talk to some folks and thank them for coming to the party that didn’t happen.”
Kim and David watched Brian until he disappeared into the crowd; then David casually placed his hand in the small of Kim’s back. “I wouldn’t wanna be Brian now.” He gave her a squeeze. “But he seems to be handling it well.”
She pulled away and studied David’s profile—handsome in every way, from his deep-set eyes to his strong chin. “What choice does he have?”
“You said he was handling it well. What else could a guy in his place do?” Kim paused and gave him a moment to think before adding, “What would you do if I stood you up at the altar?”
He gave her a mock look of shock. “That’s not something I’ll ever have to worry about, is it?”
Kim shook her head. “No, of course not.”
David turned her to face him and placed a hand on each of her shoulders. “That’s my girl.”

Question of the Day: Did you get cold feet before your wedding?

Join us tomorrow for a guest blog with author Debby Mayne.

And forgive the photo today. It's my own quirky sense of humor...cold feet...:D


  1. Did I have cold feet before my wedding day? A little bit, but not too much! I think I didn't have cold feet because I was an older bride - I was over 35 when I got married. When you wait that long to tie the knot, I think you're inclined to be more sure of your choices, more comfortable.

  2. Cold feet? Nah, just fingers that swelled in the summer heat. Himself couldn't put the ring on my sausage finger. lol

  3. I think I was too young to even think about cold feet! Had I known more, I probably would have!!!

  4. I'd have to agree, I didn't have cold feet, probably because I was so young and so very much in love. Just as well, since it would've been pointless. I'm not so very young now, but still very much in love with my DH twenty years later. :)

  5. LOL! I love the socks in the photo. Speaking of cold feet, I'm ready for spring!

    I remember one of my friends being so nervous the day before her wedding she almost called it off. Her mother compared it to buyer's remorse when purchasing a house. I always thought that was funny. That friend has been married to her husband for 35 years.

  6. Cold feet? Not for a second! Knew he was the one for me and still think that after 26 years.

  7. Cold feet? Never,never! He was my storybook Prince Charming. And, he still is after 28 years!

    I love the photo of the socks, too. Soooo cute!

  8. I never had cold feet, but the wedding preparations stressed me out. I tried to get my hubby to elope, but he wouldn't. Now I'm glad we have the pictures and memories with our friends and family there.