Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guest Blog with Debby Mayne

Welcome Debby Mayne to Heartsong Connection today!

Hi, everyone! I’m Debby Mayne, a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves to show God’s love through stories about relationships. I grew up in an air force family—yes, I’m a military brat, and I’m proud of it! We moved every few years, and being an only child, I had to find my own entertainment. So I read books. Lots of them. What I loved about reading was the ability to transport myself anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort and safety of my home, the backseat of the family car as we traveled to a new destination, or on a plane taking us overseas.

I’ve lived in many places, and experienced different cultures, but one thing that is common among most people is the desire to be loved. I was born in Alaska and lived in Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oregon, Hawaii, and Japan. No matter where we went, I found other military brats as well as locals who were willing to share their hearts with me, knowing I’d eventually move again when my dad got orders for his next assignment. Military life isn’t just about the person who is serving. It affects the entire family with a culture like none other. Every chance I get, I put a little bit of military in my stories because it’s something I understand and want to share with people who have never experienced it. Although Special Mission’s theme isn’t specifically about the military, it offers a hint of the experience.

As I thought about the theme of my book—God’s plan is so much bigger than anything we’d ever expect—I pondered how small our thoughts are compared to His. In Special Mission, Kim’s relationship with David was okay, but what the Lord had in mind for her was more than okay; it was amazing beyond anything she ever could have imagined.

David is very heroic, but is he right for Kim? That’s the question that shows the theme the book is based on. The Lord uses Kim’s close friend Brian to help her see the big picture, which is nothing like what she expects in the beginning of the story.

This theme is always active in my life. I’m a goal setter, and I work hard to achieve what I want. I pray often for His will to be clear because I can be so dense. I ask Him to show me whether or not I’m on the right path. Sometimes I achieve my goals, yet other times I face the frustration of learning that what I originally wanted isn’t something I should have. Yes, I do get frustrated, but after more prayer and thought, I remember that my life doesn’t belong to me.

Special Mission is a story about walking in a God-chosen path, and includes realizations about loyalty, honor and friendship. I hope readers enjoy the story and come away with a clear picture of how much more wonderful God’s plan is than anything we could design on our own.

Question of the Day: In today's world, we often have a variety of good things we could be doing. How do you go about choosing the best thing?


  1. Every once in a while I go all the way around doing what is best. But I eventually end up going back to what really is best. I just took the long way.

  2. I often find myself loading up on good things to do to the point where my schedule reaches critical mass. Then I have to go through and cull the activities and commitments down to only the ones I can do well with the time I have. Those are the best things, and I have to let the rest go.

  3. I'm a list maker. Years ago, I went to a professional seminar on time management, and the moderator said to try not to have more than 6 or 8 things on each day's list. It's hard, but if I keep adding things, and the list gets longer than that, I figure out what can be removed and put on the next day's list. Then I cross everything off as I go. I think the Lord wants us to schedule in some quiet time, too, so I generally do that.

  4. I'm a list maker too--have used the Franklyn Covey system, etc., but mostly i just make that to do list and cross things off. it works!