Monday, March 1, 2010

Special Mission by Debby Mayne

Happy Monday, and happy first day of March. Heartsong Connections is now entering its third month. We hope you're enjoying learning more about the stories available to you and the authors who write them.

This week's feature new release is:

Special Mission by Debby Mayne
HP 889
ISBN 978-160260-709-5

She thought he was the one.

From the Back Cover:

Kim thought David was her knight in shining armor. But can she compete with the blinding passion he has for his military career? Will David realize that in making life-changing decisions without consulting Kim, he is pushing his fiancée out of his life?

Brian and Kim have been best friends since childhood, but as he watches her romance fall apart, Brian finds his own heart changing. How can he continue to comfort and support her only as a friend when he longs to love her fully instead?

All three must examine the true meaning of loyalty, of friendship, and of love—and whether being “honorable” means being false to oneself. Will they find the answers within their own desires, or look to God for guidance and release?

About Debby:

Debby Mayne has been a freelance writer all her adult life, starting with slice-of-life stories in small newspapers, then moving on to parenting articles for regional publications and fiction stories for women and girls. She has been involved in all aspects of publishing from the creative side, to editing a national health magazine, to freelance proofreading for several book publishers. Her belief that all blessings come from the Lord has given her great comfort during trying times and gratitude for when she is rewarded for her efforts.

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Question of the Day: One of the characters in Special Mission is a military man. Have you served in our armed forces? Do you know someone who is a soldier or sailor?

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  1. #1: I love this cover! The bowling makes the pic look refreshing (to me, anyway).

    #2: I've never served in the military, but my dad was in the military and I have fond memories of living on the military base in Maryland. When he retired from the Army we moved and I had major culture shock! LOL! I found that the people on the military base were more open and friendly than living with civilians - but that could've just been my experience.

  2. Hi, Cecelia! Thanks for posting! My dad was in the air force, and I've lived on quite a few military bases, where there's a camaraderie among the families who understand each other. And retirement definitely is a culture shock! There's an organization called for people like us. As soon as I joined, I was contacted by people I knew in elementary school. It's really a cool group.

  3. Congratulations on the new book out. I love books about soldiers. I've never served in the armed forces but I have friends who have. My goddaughter is a doctor in the Air Force.

  4. Congratulations, Debby. Sounds like an interesting book, and I love the cover.
    Irene Brand

  5. My father was a lifer Marine Corps officer. Moving around became a way of life for us, and I think it really set the standard for the type of person I was going to become.

    I loved Noah's Ark so much ... I'm really looking forward to reading Special Mission!

  6. Debby, I agree this is a great cover. I love how you've woven military themes with true romance!

    I grew up twenty miles from an Army base, Fort Pickett, near Blackstone, Virginia. My parents still live in their honeymoon cottage. Many members of my family worked as Civilians for the Army so I have always held great love and respect for the military. My daddy was in the National Guard and had drill one weekend a month and trained during summer camp two weeks every year. For his full-time job, he was an electronics technician, serving in a Civilian capacity for the Army. He was trained in the elite Army Signal Corps. My husband isn't a veteran, but he holds a Master's Degree from Syracuse and is Deputy Director for Contract Policy for the Navy. As you can tell, I'm proud of the two most important men in my life and my family's military connections!

  7. I am one of Debby's biggest fan!! Hi Debby! (waving)
    I have truly enjoyed every single book of hers I've read. Now, I can't wait to get my copy of Special Mission.
    And, I love the cover, too.

  8. I am privileged to know a bunch of military people. My hubby served as a submariner in the Navy the first 4 years we were married. His brother recently retired with 20 years in the Army. Our nephew is currently serving in the Air Force. Also both our fathers served in the Army. All heroes in my book!

  9. I agree about the cover, it draws you into a moment in the story.

    My dad was in the Army and lived in Germany for four years. I grew up near the Schilling Air Force Base in Kansas and went to college on the Richards-Gebauer Air Force Base in Missouri.

    All our military, and their families, are heroes in my book.

  10. I haven't served in the military nor do I come from a military family, but I look forward so much to reading this book. Debby, you have such a talent for both enlightening and inspiring your readers, no matter what occupations the book's characters have.

  11. I appreciate all the wonderful comments about the cover. It turned out even better than I envisioned, thanks to the talented art department at Barbour! I love the colors. The only bowling ball I ever bought was a cheerful, bright yellow! No wonder I never lost it or got it mixed up with anyone else's.

    Looks like a lot of folks have been affected by the military in some way. I'm thankful to have grown up in such a rich environment where I got to see patriotism in its truest form.

  12. i love the bowling theme...great cover. i have friends who serve in the military...great people!


  13. My husband served as a Marine for 11 years, so we have many friends in the military. Military stories always grab me because I can relate to the lifestyle.


  14. Aaron McCarverMarch 01, 2010

    Just as everyone has said, the cover is great! My pastor is a chaplain in the Army and has just returned a couple of weeks ago from his second tour overseas. I have so much respect for his wife as she "keeps the home fires burning" while he is gone. We always must pray for the ones serving overseas and those serving at home as they wait for their loved ones. Thanks, Debby, for the reminder.

  15. I love the fact that so many people respect the military! Thanks, everyone, for sharing your experiences.

  16. I have never served in the military, but I have a cousin in Iraq right now.

    I love the cover of this book- sounds good too. :)

  17. My father-in-law served in the Air Force. He passed away in 08. About six months afterward, we received a certificate for his honorable service signed by the president. It meant the world to us.

    Our church had a flag folding service the next 4th of July and when it was over, the servicemen presented the flag to my husband in honor of his dad.