Thursday, March 25, 2010

From The Vault

This week's book from the vault is:

Under the Tulip Poplar by Diane Ashley and Aaron McCarver.

From the back cover:

Rebekah eagerly anticipates the return of her childhood sweetheart from college...and his long-awaited proposal. But when Asher instead tells her that their wedding must wait while he fights for his country, Rebekah's dreams seem to shatter around her. Asher longs to provide a life of wealth and position for his true love, Rebekah. But when she balks at some of his plans for their future, he begins to question the dreams he believed they shared. Will Rebekah and Asher lose their dreams of love or follow God's leading to the life He has for them together?
An Excerpt from Under the Tulip Poplar
“What did you say?”
“I said I’ve joined the Tennessee militia. We’re in the middle of a war and General Jackson says it’s our duty to help keep this country safe. He has so many great ideas. If all of the members of Congress would listen to him, I have no doubt the British would already have been routed.”
Rebekah’s dreams crashed around her as the meaning of his words sank in. Asher had not come to ask for her hand in marriage. He had come to tell her good-bye. She shook her head in denial, backing away from him. “You’re. . .going away? How could you do this to me—to us?”

To learn more about this book and others by Diane Ashley and Aaron McCarver, click HERE.

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  1. No, I don't do Facebook. But I do have a cell phone.

    This book sounds really good too.

  2. I do indeed Facebook :)
    And I am a fan of the Heartsong Page, so I see what's going to be on the blog before I even get here, which is fun.

  3. I do facebook :)

    This book is excellant. Diane and Aaron are awesome writers. I'm looking forward to reading more of their books.

  4. Thanks so much, Rhonda! Love you bunches! And thanks, Linda. This was the first book Diane and I wrote together. I'm not on Facebook, Kaitlin. I guess I am one of the final holdouts.

  5. Vicki JoyceMarch 30, 2010

    Thouroughly enjoyed this book. Was given to me as a gift...was wondering if there were more, but I see this is the first. Bravo!! I think it certainly won't be the last...will be looking for more...