Monday, March 8, 2010

Love's Winding Path by Lauralee Bliss

This week's feature book is:

Love’s Winding Path by Lauralee Bliss
HP 890
ISBN 978-160260-707-1

Red rocks. River rafting. Freedom!

From the back cover:

After years of impatient living and working on his parents’ peanut farm, Dan has finally escaped. Life as a river guide in Moab, Utah, is as far from peanut farming in Virginia as a man can get, and Dan revels in the newness of this life. An awesome job, a cool car, a place of his own—and a gorgeous girl.

Gorgeous or not, Jo has no intention of dating Dan. He’s just a bit too sure of himself, and he shows no interest in God. He’s also got issues to deal with, although, so does she. . . . But as long as Dan avoids God, Jo will avoid Dan. At least, that’s the plan.

When life in Moab takes some unexpected twists and turns, Dan must face who he really is. Maybe all that God stuff is true. But will he let go and believe, or continue to tough it out alone?

About Lauralee:

Lauralee Bliss has always liked to dream big dreams. Part of that dream was writing, and her career began with small creative works as a teen just for fun. After several years of hard work, the dream of publishing was realized in 1997 with the publication of her first romance novel, Mountaintop, through Barbour Publishing. Since then, she's had over a dozen books published, both historical and contemporary. Lauralee’s desire is that readers will come away with both an entertaining story and a lesson that ministers to the heart. Along with the dream of writing and publishing, Lauralee has recognized another dream in her life, completing a hike of the entire Appalachian Trail, all 2,175 miles. Lauralee is a wife of 20 years to husband Steve and mother to son, Joshua. Her other interests include traveling (of which she has been to 49 of the 50 states), gardening, and perusing a yard sale or two. Come visit her website at or her blog, to learn more about her books and writing along with her other interests.

Question for today: Have you been river rafting? If not, what is the most adventurous thing you've done?


  1. I have rafted on some fairly tame rivers. And one time we took a mailboat trip up an Oregon river, that was awesome.

  2. I've never been river rafting. It might sound silly, but one of the most adventurous things I've done is enter the Budgie Encounter at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. I'm afraid of birds, but I let birds sit on my hands, my shoetops, fly past my head and I didn't scream...I felt so brave! :D

  3. Due to motion sickness, water in not my friend, so I've never been river rafting either.

    I guess the most adventurous thing I've done was take a short hike in a wooded area in Alaska. Luckily we didn't see any bears up close and personal!

  4. I wanted to go river-rafting during my college years (with some friends) but my wise Daddy said no. I did go cave-exploring a few years later, which is something I couldn't do now (due to my back AND being so claustrophobic!).~ I must also add that teaching Kindergarten for years was quite adventurous too, LOL! :) Patti Jo

  5. My dad took me to Colorado when I was a kid, just the two of us, and we went river rafting. Some of my most cherished memories of him are from that trip together.